Origin netherlands
Style CrazySkaBrassParty
Label tba
On Tour all year 2017 + 2018
Territory germany, austria, switzerland, luxembourg, UK, scandinavia, eastern europe
10.01.2018 D-Hamburg, Markthalle
11.01.2018 D-Hannover, Musikzentrum
12.01.2018 D-Berlin, BiNuu

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The founding of BAZZOOKAS (2009) is best to compared with the discovery of gunpowder. The bang coming from that is like the ska of BAZZOOKAS; magical, explosive and epic!

Bazzookas break out, impatient and eager, they do it 8 men strong, they make the crowd and themselves go crazy.
It is the energy that comes from the heart and soul of the band. Sparks are flying. It does not matter if one is male / female, young / old, beautiful / ugly, dog / cat, big / small, French, Belgian, German or Dutch, everyone starts dancing to the music!

They arrive at the gig in a yellow American schoolbus, unpack, set up, and go all out. On a stage or on the roof of the bus; GO! 300 some gigs later, crowds still get blown away by the energy that Bazzookas throw at them.

They come with experience. Festivals (2x Zwarte Cross, Parkpop, 5x Reperbahn Festival), Heineken Music Hall, Paradiso. Members of the Bazzookas performed previously at Pinkpop, Lowlands and countless festivals at home and abroad.

With the album 'Kaboom!' Bazzookas have set the tone. It got purely positive reviews. They do everything with one goal in mind: Perform like their lives depended on it! Because it does. The music of the Bazzookas hits you like a bomb: KABOOM!

Following the Live DVD / Vinyl 'Groeten uit Paradiso" (2013) now there is the album Recorded with the well known dutch producer Frans Hendrikse (Candy Dulfer, Kyteman). At the same time an online radio station is started called Check the CD and online video’s and see for yourself whether the above is true!
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